Which Catio Designs Cat Enclosure is Right for My Cat?

July 10, 2010

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Outdoor cat enclosures aka Catios come in many sizes, shapes and designs and choosing the best one for your cat is simple when you know what the most important questions to ask yourself are.

Catio designs or outdoor cat enclosures, cat runs and cat cages offer cats the best of both the indoor and outdoor worlds while they stay safe from dangerous predators and other feline threats. Outdoor enclosures can be small, inexpensive and easy to build or they can be large, custom enclosure designed spaces which require extensive labor and materials.

Deciding on Your Catio Design is Simple!

First you must ask yourself what kind of cat enclosure do you want for your lovable pet. If you live in an apartment and outdoor space is limited you can easily choose a window or balcony catio designed for your cat. Cat owners looking to build permanent structures can choose a larger design and often build their own cat runs using DIY cat enclosure design manuals.

Indoor Catio Designs

For apartment dwellers, cat window verandas can be installed in double-hung windows or larger window boxes can be attached and braced to keep you cat safe inside. Do you have a deck but not an easily accessible window to hang the cat enclosure from? Perhaps a portable net system also known as kittywalks would be your best solution for a safe outdoor cat run.

Outdoor Catio Designs

Cat owners that have more space such as larger yards to install a permanent outdoor cat cage in can choose pre-built enclosures such as those made from redwood lumber and mesh or modular metal enclosures. The adventurous DIY types can find many kits with extensive plans on how to build your outdoor cat enclosure yourself. Building a cat run can be a very fun and creative project that not only saves you money but gives you the peace of mind that your lovable cat is safe and secure.

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