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June 12, 2011

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A few hours earlier this evening I was reading emails and catching up on the work I’ve missed. One email that stood out was from Susan Thixton a lady I really like who fights for our pets health and happiness. As I read her blog post and then watched the video on the page I realized that the experience I had very recently was something I wanted to share with my readers. Before I start the story I want to say a few things. First for those of you whose lives have been touched by cancer this post and the video I am going to share with you may be very emotional for you. The video is roughly 2 hours long and although most of you won’t be able to make the time to watch the whole video, please try your best to see as much of it as you can. I can only say that what I learned from the film has forever changed how I see the FDA and the National Cancer Institute.

About a month ago I started having a very bad pain in my right side. After spending a few days in bed in agony thinking I had the worst flu of my life my wonderful boyfriend rushed me to the ER. He knew I was much more sick than I was really letting on and thank god he did. I spent a day in the ICU and was diagnosed with a very serious kidney infection and then I contracted pneumonia. I stayed in the hospital for almost a week and in that time I realized how close I came to not making it out. I’ve had alot of time to reflect of what happened. My treatments, the medication, the doctors inability to communicate effectively and much more has run through my head a million times since I was released. I could go on for hours about my personal take on the health care system and what I think we are doing wrong but that is not what this post is about. What I want to say is thank you. Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Catio Designs Guide and to those of you who took the time to share your email address with me. I walked away from a very very scary life threatening situation and with it have found an even deeper appreciation for the great things I have in my life. I’m sure you are wondering how the beginning of this email ties into this so let me explain. Before this health scare I had never been in a hospital. Never sick, no broken bones…nothing to treat. Spending five days in pain and misery like that has given me a much greater sense of compassion and empathy for people struggling with sickness. When I clicked on the link in Susan’s email tonight I really was not prepared for the things I learned. I cried through much of the video and when it was done I knew I had to share this information. I’m sure there are people who will receive this email and not take the time to watch the video PLEASE this information could change not only your life but the lives of people you know facing a battle with cancer. If you carve out the time and go into it with an open mind allowing yourself to really listen and absorb what they are sharing I promise you it will not be time wasted.

Here is the link to view Susan’s site:

Again thank you all for being a part of this great community of pet lovers! I appreciate you all and I sincerely hope that this video gets passed on through facebook and whatever means you have to help others learn about what choices they have.

UPDATE *** (EXTENDED FOR FREE UNTIL JUNE 20, 2011) They may be taking it down and only selling the DVD’s to raise money for the institute. Watch it free while it’s up.




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