Catios: The Chic New Outdoor Cat Enclosure

July 30, 2010

in Outdoor Cat Enclosures

So what exactly is a Catio? It’s what you might think: a “cat” “patio”

Cat people are so clever! Not only do we spend tons of time and money buying new cat products we hope our cats will love, we now build “catios” or outdoor cat cages to keep our indoor kitties even happier and allowing them to become outdoor cats.

Cat cages sounds so old and mean. Who wants to keep their cat locked up in a cage? Not me.

Ask someone if they want a catio and you may just get a puzzled stare in return. The word has been getting serious publicity since the Times article hit, but most people have no idea what a catio is or why they would want one.

Outdoor Cat Enclosures Keep Your Cat Safe

If you asked them about cat cages you might get a sneer. There is no way most cat lovers would put their precious little tigger in a cage right…?


Does the idea of a spacious, airy, sunlight outdoor space protected by simple yet sturdy netting or mesh where your cat can lounge, play with the little bugs and critters that make it into their new outdoor enclosure sound mean to you?


That’s why catios are all the rage. When I think about building an enclosure where Max and Sully can play to their little hearts content I now think catio after reading the New York Times catio article.

Catio Designs Basics

They come in various sizes and shapes and can be made out of so many different types of materials that the only thing our catio designs are limited by is out imagination and of course our pocketbook. I for one chose to go the cat enclosure DIY route. Well it helps to have a boyfriend that knows how to fire up to tools.. thanks Mikey, you don’t know it yet but you’ll be helping build Kimble and Chase’s catio next weekend…

I have been doing a lot of reading about catios and although there are many sites that give you the how to, you really have to dig around and find the information. It took my all day Saturday to come up with what I wanted. Now I don’t mind investing the time or money into my catio, but I wish someone would figure out how to put everything catio into one place. That would be so fantastic!

A Place For Cat Lovers

This site will be dedicated to catios, outdoor cat enclosures and deluxe cat cages and provide you with some cool ideas and catio designs.

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kylie mckinnon August 11, 2010 at 6:22 am

Super blog love the great ideas keep it up!


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