Daylight Savings Time Spring is Here!!

March 11, 2011

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Daylight savings time is almost here. On 2 a.m Sunday much of the nation switches over to daylight savings time. I know that makes me and many others who are really ready old man winter to be gone!! It’s not only us humans that are itching to see more of the sun it’s our favorite feline friends too. Our kitties are just as eager to stretch their little legs and what better time to start planning a place for them to enjoy the beautiful upcoming summer and fall months!
A catio is a simple and inexpensive way to bring the joys of the outdoors to our wonderful feline companions. Since we launched the Catio Designs Guides last fall we’ve been eagerly awaiting spring as have many of you and your cats. It’s been a long cold winter for most of the US and thinking about getting outdoors and starting this fun DIY catio project is just the thing you and your kitties need!
PS: I get lots of questions about getting started with a catio project. If you want to ask me anything directly send me an email at
Thanks and Happy Building!!

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