3 Steps to Help Save Tiny Dancer

February 17, 2012

in Pet Health

*** UPDATE:  MOnday 2/20 Thanks to all of the people who donated this weekend you are amazing! We are still working hard to get the funds raised to bring her home this week. Anything you send helps save her life!

I hope this post finds everyone well. I want to thank you for taking the time to read what I am about to share.

The Equine Sanctuary is a non-profit organization located in the tranquil valley of Ojai, California. Documented by National Geographic for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of the equine world, they specialize in the care of injured or mistreated race and polo horses which would go to slaughter for human consumption without the support of organizations like The Equine Sanctuary.)

The Founder/Executive Director, Alexis Ells, opened The Equine Sanctuary in 2001 and has dedicated her life to caring for and rehabilitating these amazing animals who then have the opportunity to become therapy partners for humans in need.

I am fortunate to know Alexis through good friends and I have offered my time to help with a critical fundraising campaign to save a horse which needs our help now.

Tiny Dancer, a beautiful grey thoroughbred mare had fallen on hard times and is in great pain after years of use and abuse. The Equine Sanctuary has stepped in, and has begun to rehabilitate this lovely but malnourished spirit. Great time, energy and money has already gone into her rescue, and she is finally strong enough for transport to her “safe home forever” at The Equine Sanctuary.

At The Equine Sanctuary, she will become a Goodwill Ambassador to the children, veterans and disabled we serve — giving healing even as she heals. But Tiny Dancer needs your help to get across the finish line — they need to cover transport, medications, special feed, supplements and veterinary care as she continues her journey back to health.

Can you help us bring her home?

As many of you know from being on my list, I never send out emails with donation requests. This cause is so close to my own heart which is why I decided to reach out and ask you, my readers for your help.

Since we launched the Designs Guide I have never discounted the product but I am going to now.

Here is how you can help us and what you need to do:

Anyone that reads this email and makes a donation to The Equine Sanctuary will receive a copy of the Catio Designs Guide.

It does not matter whether you send $5000 or $5, any size tax deductible donation helps us to reach our goal.

Step 1: Go here now: http://www.theequinesanctuary.org Click on the DONATE button at the bottom right of the page to go diectly to Paypal.

Step 2: Use your paypal account to donate any amount possible to help raise the money The Equine Sanctuary needs to bring Tiny Dancer home.

Step 3: Go to this Facebook page   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Tiny-Dancer/302114349852111 and click “LIKE. You can also post a note on your Facebook page to let others know about how they can help Tiny Dancer.  Next forward me a copy of your email receipt from Paypal to catiodesign@gmail.com with Tiny Dancer in the subject line.

By liking this page you will help us get the word out quickly to people just like you who care about animals and can help these horses.

Once I have received your paypal receipt I will send you an email with the Catio Designs Guides before the end of the day.

I realize that times are hard for everyone and I thank you for donating whatever funds you can to save the lives of these wonderful horses who then help so many humans to heal.

Please take action now by clicking the link below to go to the paypal donation page.

Thank you!


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